But in the face of good times,But easy to sink。

Some people can easily resist adversity and prosperity,But I stopped before the ordinary。
Dao Xin is average。
Can face the pain of burning heart,But it may not be able to withstand the icy cold and insensitiveness of frost very well。
step,Two steps,Three steps。
When Li Ming walked three hundred meters,A layer of frost has condensed on the surface of the body。
Six hundred meters,My face is a little blue。
700 meters,Li Ming paused,Stopped。
“Dao Xin is transformed once,But it was barely past the first level,To the level of 700 meters on the fourth floor,It seems that progress is not small!”
Inquiry into the seven-story world in the heart thatched cottage,In addition to relying on the truth,
“Heart world,Come!”
The world of the heart almost half of the territory,In Wenxin Temple, the range is only less than 100 meters。
But within 100 meters,But there is a vast world looming。
The world of the heart with a range of 100 meters,The inside is still a world,But isolated the snow and cold of the frost and snow world。
“On Chill,After the isolation of the heart world,Located at a location area of 700 meters,The level of Chill’s oppression on Dao Xin is only equivalent to the previous two to three hundred meters.。”
“Blessing of the minded world,Can pass this fourth layer。”