Hu Yang smiled and nodded:“in fact,No need to watch,Just see‘Shi Shou’Two words,I’m basically sure it is it。”

Shi Shou?Is it famous?A name,You can let Brother Hu turn a blind eye to precious materials such as Shoushan Stone?
Old viewers know,artwork,Masterpieces are sometimes more valuable than precious materials。One thing you made with jade,Maybe it’s far inferior to a work carved from bamboo。
“Let’s talk about Shi Sou!
This person is mysterious,Now no one knows what his name is,He is the most famous smelting expert and art sculpture master in the late Ming Dynasty。
front,We will introduce,The copper casting technology of the Ming Dynasty was very advanced,Then there will be art works like Xuande furnace。
And this stone old man,He inherited the traditional copper casting process,Familiar with copper embedded silver wire technology,Good at making silver-embedded bronzes,Bring the art of bronze making。Most of his works are literati,Use embedded silver signature’Shi Shou’Two words,Mostly at the bottom of the utensil,Both in seal li,The font is simple and unvulgar。
You see,These two words,Is to use silver inlay technology to get it up,Very smart,Very beautiful,Looks high-grade。
Shi Shou has no descendants of art,So his works are precious and rare。The British Museum houses the bronze Buddha of Shisao、Copper incense burner,you know,What do foreigners think of him??
Westerners praise Shi Shou as the greatest artist in the ancient East。Can get such praise from proud Westerners,Very rare,It can be seen that his art is superb,Recognized worldwide。”
Populus tells everyone,Shi Shou completely inherited the wind mill copper smelting method,This is a worldwide progress in smelting technology,It’s also the secret of Shi Sou’s work,The bronzes made are all warm and lustrous。
In addition,His works absorb many advantages of handicrafts,Cleverly conceived,Originality,Natural and smooth,Gives people a feeling of beauty and unlimited reverie。
“Another point,You can see this work,That is the perfect combination of painting and sculpture。Look at the patterns formed by these silver threads,Almost like painting。”
The works of Shi Shou I see are usually painted on bronze first,Then pick the groove and insert the silver wire。That is, first pick the grooves on the copperware,Back lying silver wire,Make up different patterns,And insert the silver wire into the groove,Make the embedded silver wire level with the surface of the copperware,Extremely difficult process。
Ye Xin was suddenly convinced,This person is true learning,All kinds of knowledge are at your fingertips,And it’s not the kind of talk on paper,Realistic vision。
Don’t look at Shisao so famous,But actually,How many people have heard of?History book,Very few records of this person,Not a professional player,Don’t know Shi Sou so much。
Ye Xin said:“This is also a national first-class cultural relic,You be careful。”