She is panic,The car rushed into the gate of Lu Yi Group,Almost hit the security guard。

The alarm of the police car,Like a shackle,Even her soul is shared together。
“call”She calls out a turbidity。
The air is filled with depression atmosphere。
She lifted,Looked an eye,Today’s weather is good,Morning light is warm and touched,The mood is not a relaxed relaxation。
However,Next second,Looking at a police car parked on the side of the road,Her nerve suddenly tightened。
She called Xiao Wei.,But found,There is no one in the phone over there.。
Looking at several police officers getting closer,She is desperate closing eyes,The phone slipped from her hand。
Qin Ning was taken away by the police.,For those who know the inside story,It’s a big life.。
Gu Jia is also clapping,After all, Qin Ning has done too much injuries.。
Lu Haocheng also saw reports in the hospital。
He is in the bed,Replace the fresh lily,In the ward,Full of faint fragrance。
Lu Haocheng sits in the bedside,Holding Blue Xin’s hand。
Girl looking at quiet lying,He smiled slightly:“Blue,Qin Ning will be ropened,Hit your true fierce,Have already found it.,The people behind Qin Ning,翟 晔。
Can be such a result,I am still unhappy.。”
NS922chapter:What should we do in the future?
“Blue,Can you understand my mood??
If you are good,this moment,I must know how to comfort me.。”
Lu Haozheng bowed,Kiss it gently on her back。
Just lying quietly,Today, look at her,His mood didn’t have the original fear and despair。
Now,He is full of hope,Just waiting for her to return to him.。
Qin Ning’s thing solved,Next is the matter of Lu Yun Group。
Qin Ning’s personality,He knows what she will do next.?
Turn all the stocks in your hands to Lu Haokai。
and,He now has evidence to prove that stocks are illegal.,Put her back,Just waiting for her to do this.。
Qin Ning is the cause of Lu Yi Group as a lifetime. ,Even if she can’t get it,I will also leave his son and daughter。
so,Today is in the office,I didn’t tell the media.。
“Blue,I now,Just accompany you here.,Eat and live here,You are afraid of lonely,I am with you.,You will not feel lonely again.。”
Lu Haocheng lip yells out a soft smile,Watching her eyes gentle。
Lu Si He saw the news at home,The whole person is hysteresisted to see everything in front of him.。
She flows to tears,Nothing to die,And reporters。
She doesn’t believe it all.,Dad is pushing down the building by my mother.,And the people present in the evening have a brother and Gu Anan,They did not stop their mothers。
He never knows that his mother is like this.,She knows that my mother get Dad,Using improper,But she got my father。
so,I will agree with her practice at the time.,Go to Mu Zi。
Now,Not only bamboo baskets,Everything is lost now.。
Muzi,dad,Mother,Her world,Instantly collapsed,If there is no,How do she live?。
“Hoot”Lu Si’s pain cried。