Shanshui Primary School, Nanming District, Guiyang City: Characteristic course, fruit colorful children’s year smile

Students enjoy a breaking time on the school playground. Shanshui Primary School is based on high starting, high standards, and landscape primary school awards: it is a Qizhou Youth Children’s Spring Festival Evening Art Talents Delivery Base, 2016 Guiyang Municipality Network Spring Festival Evening Excellent Organization Award, 2017 National Non-Adult Network Spring Festival Evening Excellence Award, Guiyang City "Motherland Good Home" Theme Event Occuro Practice Base, Nanming District Library Cultural Territory Shanshui Primary School Subject, Nanming District Rural Children’s Towns’ Ninth Youth "Wonderful Experience Experience Technology" Innovation Competition Group First Prize.

Now, the construction of the school is gradually improved, and the scale of school gradually expands. The academic qualifications of teaching teachers are above the specialist, and the quality of teachers is very fast. In recent years, the school has cultivated a provincial-level famous teacher, three municipal martial arts, eight district-level backbone teachers.

Over the years, teachers and students have achieved many awards in all kinds of teaching competitions at all levels. The young teachers continue to update the educational concept, experience the basic skills and perseverance.