The most important thing in life is marriage

The most important thing in life is marriage

The famous Taiwanese cartoonist Zhu Deyong said that marriage is bound to be good or bad. It is a joke. The only difference is that a happy marriage lets one see a joke, and an unhappy marriage lets others see a joke.

why would you said this?

Because this is determined by the combination form of marriage: two individuals with completely different backgrounds are combined by love, which is ridiculous in itself.

To get a good marriage, you have to run it, and you have to run it forever.

Mr. Zhu spoke well because a few years ago because of a story he just proved that the most important thing in life is marriage.

  It’s been five years since that year’s marriage. When I went home on business in Dalian, I found that the key could not open the security door.

Listen carefully to the roar of men and women in the house, it is my best girlfriend diligently.

My boss was swollen and my legs shook constantly.

I braced downstairs and taxied to my parents’ home. My mother looked pale and asked if I was sick?

I only postulate that motion sickness on a long journey by train requires a break.

A man lay down with tears and wet the towel, and all thoughts were grey.

I thought of divorce, but thought of the warmth of my old home, thought of my loving husband, and the innocent and lovely son.

My mood is extremely complicated.

But after thinking about it for a long time, I also have a great responsibility for my husband.

That time, I was washing the dishes, and my husband was holding me from behind, but I pushed him away impatiently and said, “It’s been a few years since I’ve been married.

“When my husband wanted to go for a walk with me, I quarreled,” Are you in a mood?

The diapers were not washed, the floor was not mopped, and the room had to be cleaned . “Night in the middle of the night, when my husband was” stirring “and wanted to run out of fish with me, I just said coldly:” Go and watch the baby scared.

“I suddenly realized that I had ignored my husband for too long.

  I called the phone to my home and told my husband that I was back on a business trip, and the key could not open the door.

If you decide to divorce, I will obey your intentions.

If you still care about this home, I will give you a chance, and only once.

At the same time I gave myself a chance.

  In the following days, facing the complicated eyes of my neighbors, I pretended to be ignorant, and went to work as usual, with children, and household chores.

Quiet night, no matter how busy or tired, he will put tea or coffee in front of his husband; he writes and writes late at night, and I will make supper to him; when he stretches his muscles, it proves that he is going to rest, and I will hold him tightly from behindSend sweet kisses and love in love together; every holiday we fry at home or fry fried fries or a restaurant drink or go crazy in the park for a day . unknowingly his girlfriend quietly retires; unknowingly her husband is having an affairThe shadows disappeared; the husband became our helper of housework unconsciously; another five years passed unconsciously.

  Now, my husband and I are both middle-aged. In the season of life we have gone through together, that episode not only did not break our family, but made the small nest of the family stronger by prudence and love.

Therefore, I regard this heartbreaking past as a treasure in my life.

It made me understand that marriage is not a substitute for love. A stable and harmonious marriage requires both husband and wife to operate together.