As for the two in front of you,One is a mage in his early thirties,One can only be counted as level 20 combat power,From Beigongwang’s view,The overall situation is set,Now it’s up to you to clean them up。

“Hero Lu,If you want to survive,Not difficult!Go kill Mu Feiyan,From now on,Swear allegiance to me!”Bei Gongwang raised his eyebrows,Shouted in a deep voice。
now,He seems to have taken the absolute initiative,The phantom space will not disappear immediately for a while,Two lives left,Exhausted
In his grasp。
Mu Feiyan was shocked,Till now,She still can’t believe it,Bei Gongwang really dare to kill her!
And this time,Lu Menglin’s expression is particularly calm,He is too calm,Surprisingly calm。
“Bei Gongwang,You let me kill Mu Feiyan,Because you don’t want to leave marks on her body。If i killed her,You kill me again to avenge her,You are the only one left here,With your mouth,Say whatever you want。Right?”Lu Menglin still said with a clear face。
Bei Gongwang was slightly startled,He didn’t expect to die,This hero Lu Ran can still be so calm,I saw through my plan at a glance。
“Not bad!Even so,Can you break the game?In the face of absolute power,You are just poor bugs,I can’t get out of my palm at all。I let you die,You die!I want you to live,You can live!”Bei Gongwang holds an angry sword,Shouted with pride。
“It seems that I have no choice!Miss Mu,Have you offended him before?He must die!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Mu Feiyan almost wants to understand now,Shook his head and smiled bitterly:“of course not!Our two are world friends,He is my big brother,I never thought he would kill me,If I knew he would become like this,How can I come with him?!After all,Or the rage cut in his hand is too expensive!He refuses to hand it over,Of course you can only kill me!”
“Oh!It turned out to be fortune and death!Actually, I don’t understand,Based on your relationship,Can’t this weapon be taken back to the city and distributed slowly??Why kill?”Lu Menglin still asked slowly。
Mu Feiyan shook his head,Sighed:“I just blame our luck on this trip!Out of a magic weapon like Anger Slash,If you go back to the city,Most families have to be distributed according to rules,He won’t get it then。”
“Not just a broken weapon,As for??The people of your god nation are so hypocritical!”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled。
Bei Gongwang was listening to the conversation between the two,Can’t help but sneer:“enough!Don’t think you can delay time。You don’t kill her,Then I can only kill you both!”