and so,Although he still wants to live his whole life,But I don’t want to stay in the corner,Otherwise, why should he steal the fruits of the operation??

Just find an uninhabited island to farm!
“Look at your eyes, you should know what you are going to do!”The host’s expression is still indifferent。
“Yes,I know my goal and suffering!”Leo answered in awe。
“Then,Things are very simple!Pick up your sword,Trust your sword,Go cut it!”
Leo carefully chewed the words of the owner,Then he unknowingly drew out his long knife。
Leo swung forward twice,Not far away from him is the teacher。
Inexplicable,Leo feels that his abilities seem to have increased?
When he reacts,He found that the whole room had been destroyed by his slash。
“Sorry, teacher,I do not know why either……”Leo saw this,I couldn’t help but want to explain。
The museum owner reached out and stopped Leo:“No need to explain,I know you are unintentional,In addition, I want to congratulate you for understanding the realm of iron slashing!”
“Ok?”Leo was slightly surprised,Looking at the curator strangely。
Isn’t your old man fooling me??
“This breaks through the realm of iron cutting?Shouldn’t you find a piece of steel to chop it??”
“Haha,Cutting iron is not really about cutting steel!So-called‘iron’Refers to the difficulties of swordsmen,Only by cutting it can we move forward,Wherever the blade reaches is truth!”