The first "window pass" household government business successfully completed

On the morning of November 18, Mr. Liang, who lives in the port area of ??the Fangchenggang City, and the witness of the postal staff in the hands of the postal staff in the Harbor City Public Security Bureau. The feeling is overflow.

Mr. Liang’s son’s success is marked with the first "one window" household government business in the Fangchenggang City successfully completed and fully spread.

Mr. Liang’s child has recently been born, so that you need to take care of your love, child, he is busy with work, how to apply for a newborn, make him difficult. After the hospital staff learned Mr. Liang, he guided him to the "one window" special window to open to the hospital, inform him that he can apply for his children in this "window" special window.

"Can you apply for an account without going to the police station?" Mr. Liang, who is suspicious, will consult the relevant materials, and then continue to go back to take care of the family. Under the "one window" mechanism, Mr. Liang’s materials quickly moved to the Fishing Wan Politic Office. Then the household registration of the fishery will immediately review the material according to the requirements of the program policy, and report the city’s public security The government department, the audit materials are fully exchanged, and the newborn is completely completed, and the newborn’s household will be completed. Finally, the account book that registers the name of the newborn is handed over to the postal staff to deliver Mr. Liang, and Mr. Liang also Become the first beneficiary of the "one window" account business in the Fangchenggang City.

Mr. Liang, who took the household size, excitedly: "I used to handle the business and queued again. Sometimes the documents don’t want to run a few times, it is very difficult, now I can get all the windows, but also send it. The door is really saving and worry-free.

"In order to enhance the level of government service, we will greater the strength of the people, the Fangchenggang Municipal Public Security Bureau has launched the" I am doing a practical "series of practical activities to the people, continuously deepening the implementation of" venting service "and" simple office "reform spirit, and actively promotes The government service will continue to "micro reform" this year. In order to achieve the "birthplace" integrated service, the public security organs of the Fangchenggang City have actively strengthened the Data and Administrative Appraisal Bureau, the midwife, bank, post and other units. Actively participate in establishing the establishment of health, public security, people, medical insurance, etc., actively build "one window pass" service, and implement internal circulation, thoroughly break the system, authority, department, etc. It is transformed from a single soldier to the "one-stop service" to change, "a window acceptance, one network is transferred, once a set, a set of delivery", truly realize "Birth is home, ID, send the door", let The masses of the people really experience the "less as little, fast, excellent service, excellent service, efficiency", and improve the masses in the business to improve the sensation and satisfaction.

(Zhang Nanjing Tang Yunpeng) (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Ye Bin) Sharing let more people see.